Medical massage and Frequency Therapy can aid in the relief of many post-injury challenges and conditions.

As the body of relevant research grows, more doctors recommend massage therapy to people in pain. Researchers from one study observed a group of young men with exercise-related injuries to their skeletal muscles. They knew massage therapy was linked to pain relief and wanted to uncover the mechanisms of this effect.

The researchers found massage therapy reduced stress on a cellular level, decreased inflammation, and increased mitochrondrial biogenesis in these study participants. Mitochondria exist within cells, provide energy and respiration, and contribute to the healing of cellular injuries.

According to the study, massage, along with specific frequencies, reduce the pain from injuries in much the same way as anti-inflammatory drugs do. However, massage therapy also has much fewer side effects than prescription or non-prescription pain killers.

I was a massage novice before Chandra.  At 29, I felt active and healthy and didn’t think of massage as something I “needed.”  One massage and I was hooked!  It is amazing how much better I feel afterward.  It was like putting on glasses I didn’t know I needed and being amazed at how well you can see. Chandra has a client for life.

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