Medical massage can aid in the relief of many chronic conditions.


Lymphedema is a chronic consition that imipacts 3 to 5 million Americans. This painful and uncomfortable swelling of the arms and fingers, which can also be present in the legs and feet, occurs after a patient’s lymp nodes are removed as a necessayry part of surgery. It is most common in breast cancer patients, but occurs after other types of cancer and non-cancer surgery. 

Lower Back Pain

According to the U.S. National Institues of Health (NIH), researchers have found promising evidence that massage therapy can benefit people with lower back pain. Reseachers at Canada’s Institute for Work and Health found accupressure was most effective in relieving lower back pain. The researchers recommended massage therapy in conjunction with exercises and relevant education.


In a study of people who experience chronic tension headaches, researchers found that massage therapy reduced the frequence and duration of these headaches. Even short 30 minute session could alleviate certain headaches, and the participants expereinced significant reductions in headache frequency after only the first week of this 8-week study.

Arthritis Knee Pain

In a study of people who had knee pain from arthritis, researchers found massage therapy provided pain relief benefits for at least 8 weeks after treatment. In a follow-up study, they determined weekly 60-minute massage sesssions were the most effective, given their convenience, cost and consistency.

Neck Pain

In a study of 228 people living with chronic neck pain, a team of doctors found that 60-minute massage sessions were more effective than 30-minute ones. They urged physicians to relate this information to their patients when recommending massage for neck pain.


A researcher in Sweden found people with Fibromyalgia who received mssage therapy felt less pain up to six months after treatment. In this study of 48 patients, the researchers found 15 massage therapy treatments over a 10-week period relieved 37% of pain, relieved feelings of depression and decreased study participants need for pain killers.

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